Top 3 crypto news 16th Oct.: Tether scare, hodlcoin rally

HODLcoin Rally

Finally hodling is paying off at least for those who hold Hodlcoin, which increased by a whopping 630% today.

Apparently Hodlcoin is a Bitcoin fork that is fully mine-able, but that also pays interest to those who hold the coin, hence the name.  This may sound a bit like a ponzi scheme, but the coin has been around since 2016, so it may be legit. Why it has increased so much is hard to tell, but since market cap is just 50 000$ even after the increase it is no surprise that it is extremely volatile.

Tether scare

Bitcoin experienced an artificial increase on some Tether fueled exchanges since Tether suddenly started to lose value and at one point was down 7% against the dollar. Both Tether and Bitcoin have since become more stable and Tether is traded slightly below the dollar at 0.980812 USD.

Kenyan government will use blockchain to solve housing issue

Access to affordable housing is a big issue in Kenya. Now the government of the African nation has decided to use blockchain to ensure that the right people will benefit from government financed housing projects.


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