Top 3 crypto news 29 oct. Japanes regulation, huge crypto theft

Japanese regulations

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) is making public that it is granting the japanese cryptocurrency industry self-regualtory status. The industry organization, the Japanese Virtual Currency Exchange Association will now be responsible for overseeing the development in the crypto space.

Source: Toshi Times

Huge XRP theft in Australia

A 56 year old man had his account drained by a young woman i Australia. She had managed to hack his e-mail put her own phone in the two factor identification. The man discovered that something was wrong and managed to regain access to his account, but then 65.000 dollars were already gone. Despite trying to cover her tracks with multiple transactions the woman got arrested.

Source: CCN

Spain forces its citizens to declare crypto holdings

The Spanish tax authoroties are introducing new regulations which will require all Spanish residents to declare every single transaction with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To assure compliance there will be huge fees for those who try to hide their crypto.

Source: ABC(Spanish)

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